Hotel Terme Providence is located in Forio, a country that has a rich history and charm. From 812 forth to in Forio, to defend against attacks by Saracen pirates, were built on high places  observation towers. Thanks to this residents were immediately instructed about the dangers that could come from the sea and seek refuge in the mountains.

The largest tower, called il Torrione has become the symbol of Forio and today it houses an art gallery and a small museum. The Tower was responsible for sighting and also provide a first line of defense, while the other had only a function of refuge. Forio’s towers still retain their charm and for this every year are open to the public, during the event in “Torri in Festa”  – Torri in Luce.

The Chiesa del Soccorso is another wonderful attraction of Forio. Built by the monks who had a monastery on the promontory, has become home of the sailors for devotion to to the Madonna del Soccorso entrusted their destiny and that of their boats.
The sunset from the terrace of the Aid is magical and evocative. Forever. In fact Forio is one of the few places in the world where you can see, under certain conditions, the optical phenomenon of the Green Ray, in conjunction with the setting of the sun

Very characteristic is the historic center where the shopping lovers will find antique shops with typical products and shops with big names. The Hotel Terme Providence is 1 km from the center.